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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Denpasar Local Food

Seewed Vagetable. Bali was known as the area that had many coasts. Results that were received by making use of resources of sea nature really many. Like seaweed that often was produced by the original inhabitants of the District of Serangan Kota Denpasar. If longing for this one typical cooking, you could come to Serangan Island or could make it self at home. This we gave the processing recipe of seaweed vegetables from the raw material.

Kakul Satay. At the moment, often very much we heard in television and the print media that much food that contained poisonous substances for the body. To give the comfortable feeling for your body, the cooking whim have material kakul like satay kakul, the arrest kakul, oseng-oseng kakul, penyon kakul, tum kakul and crackers kakul made by the Putu Pan could become alternative for your health.If you wanted to enjoy the serving kakul that was refreshing, called in to the Sate Kakul Pan Putu Stall care of Street. Achmad Yani North 187 Denpasar.

Potato Rice. Are you missing Balinese food? Please call in in the roses stall milih right Parmi in Street Ratna Gang Mawar no 3 Denpasar. One of the menus that became his mainstay was Sela Rice (rice was mixt with the yam). With other accessories like fish satay, urab ferns, pepes tuna, Teri fried, the fried eel and various chilli sauce sorts increased delicious him gap rice. Want to try?

Klejat Crackers. In a bored manner the snack like pig crackers, water buffalo crackers, chicken crackers and all the rest? You could taste Klejat crackers of one of the typical snacks of the Denpasar City to be precise in the Serangan District. The Usaha Mina Boga Serangan study group cultivation of P3M Universitas Warmadewa was a forum that the focus in conserving typical cooking the area of the Attack and was ready to share the recipe with the team of Food Heritage Kota Denpasar.

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